BTS Dance Corp. COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 Screening Questions

Please complete the screening question associated with the day you will be attending the studio for classes. Please complete the screening no more than 24 hours in advance to attending the studio. Please complete by 12:00 noon the day of class.
Monday – Covid Screening
Tuesday – Covid Screening
Wednesday – Covid Screening
Thursday – Covid Screening
Friday – Covid Screening
Saturday – Covid Screening
Sunday – Covid Screening


At this time, parents are not permitted to stay in the building, only drop off and pick up option. 1 parent/guardian is permitted to stay with dancers during class if the dancer is 6 years old and under. Unfortunately siblings are not permitted to stay at this time.

When entering the studio:

While in class:

Exiting the studio:

COVID-19 Policies

As the legal parent or guardian, I agree and will adhere to The Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Studios Workplace Guidelines for Covid-19. Full document is available on our website.
I understand that BTS Dance Corp. is adhering to all safety measures and protocols and I understand there are risks associated with COVID-19 while attending classes at BTS Dance Corp. in 2020/2021 and do not hold BTS Dance Corp. responsible.
Prior to each class please self assess with the following questions. If the answer to either or both is yes, please refrain from coming to the building.
Prior to each day of class, parents/guardians will be required to screen their dancer for symptoms and how they are feeling and report it on an online forum found on BTS Dance Corp.’s website.
Additionally, I understand that:
If my dancer feels unwell or is sick they will stay home from class. Feeling unwell includes, but is not limited to, respiratory issues (cough, running nose, fever, shortness of breath).If my dancer has symptoms of COVID, BTS requires a negative COVID test, or to refraine from entering the building for 14 days.
My dancer will not enter the building if they have recently travelled outside Canada until after 14 days from travel to reduce the risk of spreading the infection to our staff and students.
If anyone in my dancer's immediate family or household members are unwell or sick, my dancer will stay home in order to prevent further spread of any illness.
If my dancer falls sick while at the studio or exhibits symptoms while already in the studio, they will be given a mask immediately and then distance from others until parents can retrieve them. 
I understand that other protocols will be in place as outlined in the "Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Studios Guidelines For Covid-19".
I understand that procedures and guidelines may change and evolve to fall in line with updated government restrictions.
Should BTS Dance Corp. be forced to close due to Covid-19 all monthly tuition payments will stop at the date of closure OR continue with the request of the guardian/parent of optional online (Zoom) classes.
Any classes not taken after the date of closure that tuition was collected will be fully refundable in the form of a credit on the account or refund.
If outstanding tuition is due for classes already taken, an e-transfer sent to to settle up accounts at the time of closure will be required.